Outdoor Plants

4569 Metcalfe Ave, Mississauga, L5M 4L8

Every day including weekends and Holidays : OPEN : 9am - 9pm

Ph: 416 568 2896

Following Outdoor Plants are NOW AVAILABLE

Sold out Perennial Peony Bowl of Beauty

Sold out Perennial Peony Shirley Temple

Sold out Perennial Peony "Duchesse de Nemours" Mild Fragrant

Sold outPerennial Peony Sarah Burnhardt

Sold out Peony Festive Maxima

Sold out Peony Karl Rosenfield

Sold out Peony Premivere

Hydrangea Little lime Punch

$35/ 8 Inch pot

Limelight Hydrangea

$40/2 Gallon pot

Sold out Hydrangea Quickfire Fab

Annabelle Hydrangea

$40 $35/2 Gallon pot


Hydrangea Bobo

$35/8" pot

Fire light Hydrangea

40/2 Gallon pot

Incrediballe Hydrangea

$35/8" Pot

Black eyed Suzan

$6/3.5" pot

Perennial Hosta June

$16 / 1Gallon pot

Hista Albo Marginata

$6/3.5" pot

Plantain Hosta Lily Blue Ivory

$19 / 1 Gallon pot

Perennial Hibiscus Vintage Wine Rosemallow
Big dinner plate flowers

$19/ 1 Gallon pot

Perennial Hibiscus Airbrush effect Rosemallow

$19/ 1 Gallon pot

Kopper King Hibiscus
Big dinner plate 8" diameter flowers

$19/ 1 Gallon pot

Plum Crazy Hibiscus
Big dinner plate 8" diameter flowers

$19/ 1 Gallon pot

Easy Eegance: Screaming Neon Red

$40/2 Gallon pot

Double knock out pink Rose

$40/2 Gallon pot

Sold out Clematis Ernest Markham

$29/1 Gallon pot

Huldine Clematis

$29/1 Galloon pot

Clematis Venosa Violesia

$29/1 Gallon pot

Climbing Hydrangea

$29/2 Gallon pot

Bougainvillea : Tropical Temp

3.5" pot $9/pot

Color : Pink /Purple

Eucalyptus : Tropical Temp

4" pot $19/pot

Types: Std., Lemon

Perennial Foerster's Feather Reed Grass

$19 / 1 gallon pot

Fragrant Tall Garden Phlox

$14/ 1 Gallon pot

Sold out Rudbechia Autumn colour

$6/3.5" pot

Following Outdoor plants are Sold out

Sold Out

Rebecca Clematis on trellis pot

$32 $29/1 G

Tulip : Canada Winter Hardy
Sold out for Yr 2022
White Pink Yellow Orange

Single color $5/pot

Sold Out Music Box rose

$40/ 2 Gallon pot


Avante Grade Clematis

$32 $29/1Gallon pot

SOLD-Perennial Hibiscus Starry Starry night

$19/ 1 Gallon pot

SOLD-Perennial Hibiscus Midnight Marvel

$19/1 Gallon pot

SOLD-Perennial Hibiscus Mars Madness

$19/1 Gallon pot

SOLD Perennial Luna red Hibiscus

$6 / 3.5" square pot

SOLD Easy Elegance: All the range Rose

$40/2 Gallon pot

SOLD Perennial Luna White Hibiscus

$6/ 3.5" square pot

SOLD Perennial Luna Pink Swirl Hibiscus

$6/3.5" square pot

SOLD Perennial Luna Rose Hibiscus

$6/3.5" square pot

SOLD Knock out red rose

$40/2 Gallon pot

SOLD Easy Elegance: Pinktopia Rose

$40/2 Gallon pot

SOLD Peony Raspburry Sundae

$29/1 Gallon pot

SOLD Knock out: White Rose

$40/2Gallon pot

SOLD Pinky Winky Hydrangea

$40/2 Gallon pot