Sikdar Gardens

4569 Metcalfe Ave, Mississauga, L5M 4L8

Weekdays : OPEN : 12pm - 8pm
Weekends and Holidays: 9 am - 8pm

Phone: 416 568 2896 

About us:

We love plants.

Our goal is to reach adorable plants to plant lovers. 

Among our collection, we have colorful tropical plants, succulents, cacti, low maintenance plants, home & office décor plants.


This website lists all plants are up for sale with price. You can just drop by and pick up your plants paying by Email transfer

No paypal or credit/debit card yet.


Can ship anywhere in Canada at buyers expense in Summer & Fall. 


Can deliver in GTA for a delivery fee of $15.

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Sikdar Gardens

A common semi-natural way of treating insects on your beloved plants:

You can create an emulsion of :

1 liter of Luke warm water + 1 teaspoon Neem oil +  0.25 spoon teaspoon dishwashing soap

Spray that to your plants (particularly the underside of leaves and crevices) wherever you see any infestation. Neem oil has Azadirachtin, a natural insecticide that works well against many common insets. Soap helps to make the emulsion and helps to alter surface tension dislodging insects.


Pls note: Spray during early morning or late evening when the temperature is cool. Do not expose your plants to sunlight on the day of spraying.  Oil droplets work like a prism which can concentrate sun light burning your plants if exposed to sunlight.


Plant or Flower pictures used in this website may not depict the current state of actual plants being sold, rather it represents a mature state in ideal condition.

You have to apply abovementioned semi natural insecticide at your own risk. Please do your own research before applying any of our recommendation. Your experience may not exactly match with ours. We are not responsible / accountable for any adverse result you obtain.